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The Pit x Red Club!


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:bulletwhite: Pit x Red :bulletred:

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Welcome! This club is dedicated to the Super Smash Bros. Brawl pairing, Pit x Pokémon Trainer (or Red, as we usually call him).

:bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletred: RULES! :bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletred:

:pointr: Be supportive of Pit x Pokémon Trainer! Please leave now if you have come to disrespect us.

:pointr: Do not bash other couples or characters, such as Ike, Ike/Pit, etc. Other people are allowed to support them. Even if another pairing is more popular than ours, it doesn't give us a right to bash that couple.

:pointr: Promote the club! Put up the Groups widget on your profile or link to us in your journal. Thanks for your support!

:pointr: Submit to our gallery, if you wish! We'd love to have your submissions!

:pointr: Ask the admins if you have any questions or problems! We'll gladly help you.
Feel free to note us if you feel you have some good Pit/Red/Pit related material that is not on DeviantArt!

:bulletwhite::bulletred: FAN FICTION :bulletred::bulletwhite:
Here are some lovely Pit/Red/Pit fanfics that are not found at DeviantArt. The majority of them are found at

Crimson Love by Oceaus Phoenix (rated T)
Silent Night by Vulpixi Misa (rated M)
Little Black Boyshorts by Midnight Crystal Sage (rated M)
Love for a Mortal by Flowery Blossom (rated T)
dammit by RoseVoid (rated T)
Pit and Red Regret Message by Lily Badens (rated G)
n3crophilia by RoseVoid  (rated PG-13)
Vacation is Where I Want to Be by MinionofHades1 (rated PG-13)
Stubborn Angel to Stubborn Trainer by CatDog Chama (rated M)
Lover's High by MinionofHades1 (rated PG-13)

:bulletwhite::bulletred: FAN ART :bulletred::bulletwhite:
Pit and Red fanart found off-site.

:pointr:… - Cute Gaia versions of Pit and Red. (by Ryu_Wildfire)
:pointr:… - Cute chibi versions!
:pointr:… - A comic in Japanese (note that you'll need a pixiv account to see it close up).
:pointr:…  -  Tackling by Pit
:pointr:… - Same picture as the one above but more detail
:pointr:… - meeting again
:pointr:… - Red and Pit cuddling
:new: :pointr:… - Red and Pit kissing
:bulletwhite::bulletred: VIDEOS :bulletred::bulletwhite:
Some good Pit/Red/Pit related videos.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Loituma by RaishiTsuwabuki
Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Love-Mad Expression by RaishiTsuwabuki
Super Smash Brothers Brawl: World is Mine by RaishiTsuwabuki

((Vulpixi-Misa also recommends you watch RaishiTsuwabuki's other hand drawn videos, because they're that great.))

:bulletwhite::bulletred: BRAWL SCREENCAPS :bulletred::bulletwhite:
Though screencaps can be submitted to the club on Deviant, I'd like to keep them separate from the fanart and other submissions. Shots must have Pit and Red in them in order to be submitted. They must be the main focus.

:pointr:… (by Vulpixi-Misa)
:pointr:… (by Vulpixi-Misa)
:pointr:… (by Vulpixi-Misa)
:pointr:… (by Vulpixi-Misa)
:pointr:… (by Vulpixi-Misa)
:pointr:… (by Vulpixi-Misa)
:pointr:… (by Vulpixi-Misa)

:bulletwhite::bulletred: ADDITIONAL AFFILIATES :bulletred::bulletwhite:
Old style clubs are still welcome to affiliate with us, of course!

November 13, 2011


The reason for today's update is that we want to see if anyone is interested in Admin position. Eleanor-D and I created this club before DA made them into Groups. The thing is, I'm not as interested in this pair as I used to be and I'm hoping to drop my position as Co-Founder.

So if anyone is interested in taking a position, please contact Eleanor-D or I, or just Eleanor since I'm not going to be an admin anymore. ^^; Some requirements we would like is that you be some what active in the group or have been active and of course, you need space in your Group slots to take an Admin position. Those that are already Contributors might have a higher chance of becoming Admin.


UPDATE 11/14/11

Congrats to :iconkaoruaichan:!  She will be our new admin. :highfive: Welcome to da team!

I just want to say, thanks to Vulpixi-Misa for making this club with me two and a half years ago and for being a great admin. :iconiloveyouplz: I understand moving on from pairings.  I'm glad you still want to be a member! :D

w00t!  Well, just contact us if anyone else wants to help, be a contributor, etc.  Or just send your pictures or links! ^_^

UPDATE 11/8/11 -

The contest is now CLOSED!  Congrats to KaoruAiChan with her super cute entry!!  Since she was the only entrant, she automatically wins!  Kaoru, I will set up your subscription this weekend.  I hope that is okay (so sorry, have tons of stuff due in school this week! 8C).  Congrats!!

Thanks all for checking out the contest!  Also, if you have time, please check out :iconpokemontrainerfc:'s contest.  It's been going on for even longer, and we still have NO entries.  Omg. ;A; Check out the contest journal here -…


Hey all!

Again, sorry we’re been so dead as of late. :’D I think the Smash fandom has died down, and school has just eaten me alive, personally.

Anyway, I was thinking – let’s have a :pumpkin: mini Halloween contest :pumpkin:, shall we?

I know it’s short notice, but I just thought of it today. :’D At least there are a few weeks ‘til Halloween, right?!  I’d looove to see some Pit x Red dressed up in some cute Halloween costumes!

.: :pumpkin: Theme :pumpkin: :.

-> Dress Red and Pit up for Halloween!  They can be dressed as two of your favorite popular characters, or generic spooky ghouls such as vampires and werewolves – whatever you’d like!  I always thought Red and Pit would be cute as Woody and Buzz from Toy Story

-> Feel free to put in other Smash characters, as long as Pit and Red are the focus!

.: :pumpkin: Voting :pumpkin: :.

Again, we’ll determine the winner by members sending in a note their picks for first, second, and third to the club.

.: :pumpkin: Prizes :pumpkin: :.

Since this is so last-minute, I figured there’d just be a first place prize, since organizing prize artists is a bit complicated.

-> I will give the first place artist a three-month premium subscription.

If you’d like to contribute a prize, feel free, but since this contest is a bit last minute I figured it’d be too much to get organized. :’D

.: :pumpkin: Deadline :pumpkin: :.

Let’s have the deadline be a week after Halloween, November 7th, 2011.

.: :pumpkin: Entries :pumpkin: :.

:new: 1) :iconkaoruaichan: -…

I hope to see a few entries!!  Enjoy!!

Just ask if you have any questions ~

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"Be supportive of Pit x Pokémon Trainer! Please leave now if you have come to disrespect us."

nobody cares about your fucking negative opinions 

few people ship this and you have to respect their fucking opinion and not go like "umg this is the weirdest sheppingg!!! gtfo!!!"

you might be hurting other ppls feelings so yeah..
Why do people ship them. Stupidest crack paring I ever heard.
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